Faker NG

A web service for generating Nigerian fake data such as names, addresses, and phone numbers.


In January 2016, WeCodeNG members set out to create a data store for Nigerian local information which can be used as sample data to bootstrap application development.

FakerNG is a simple API that allows you to generate sample names, email addresses, phone numbers and addresses.

It is inspired by different Faker packages around. This is specifically aimed and targetted at Nigerian names, email addresses, cities, streets, and general information that will help you speed up and imitate a real life information used in your application.

It's built with Python (Flask Framework) using MongoDB as a data store and returns data in JSON format e.g.



This is Verson 1 (v1). It is in continuous development. Changes might not have backward compatibility. You can always access the API using the version number. e.g. http://faker.wecode.ng/api/~version-name/


In current version (v1), there is only one entity present. which is People

The properties are:

  • first_name - First Name
  • surname - Surname
  • email - Email Address
  • sex - Gender
  • address - Address
  • phone - Phone number

List of Endpoints

The following endpoints currently exists:


Few Examples of Use case is stated below. Just GET the URI passed, a JSON data is returned to your application.

Getting People

To get X number of People,
Endpoint people
Parameter(s) Int: numberOfPeople (3)
URI http://faker.wecode.ng/api/v1/faker/people/3
                     {"surname": "Musa", 
"email": "musa.dinshiya@gmail.com",
"firstName": "Dinshiya"
{"surname": "Essien",
"email": "essien.abdul@yahoo.com",
"firstName": "Abdul"
{"surname": "Adedeji",
"email": "adedeji.musa@yahoo.com",
"firstName": "Musa"

Getting Only Emails

Endpoint email
Parameter(s) Int: numberOfEmail (3)
URI http://faker.wecode.ng/api/v1/faker/email/3
                    {"email": "musa.dinshiya@gmail.com"}, 
{"email": "essien.abdul@yahoo.com"},
{"email": "adedeji.musa@yahoo.com"}

Getting Only Names

Endpoint names
Parameter(s) Int: numberOfNames (3)
URI http://faker.wecode.ng/api/v1/faker/names/3
                    {"name": "Musa Dinshiya"}, 
{"name": "Ossai Vera"},
{"name": "Adedeji Musa"}


Found a bug or have an idea?

Submit an issue on our github repo


If you have any questions/feedback or would like to get in touch with us, send us an email: pr@wecode.ng.